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The Wealth Community Market Terms & Conditions


1. The Wealth at Garden Oaks is not liable for any loss or damage & will not be responsible for any personal injury to the exhibitor, its associates and/or merchandise. The exhibitor hereby agrees to indemnity, hold harmless and defend the above-named entities and The Wealth at Garden Oaks from any acts or omissions to act of the exhibitor, its employees, agents and assigns.

2. Exhibitors are responsible for any damage they may cause to the facility while participating in the day’s events.

3. The exhibitor’s area will be clean and orderly upon departure.

4. The Wealth at Garden Oaks reserves the right to restrict the sale or display of any item(s) that have not been previously approved.

5. Vendors will not set up their displays outside of their prescribed/purchased footprint. For outdoor events the standard space is a 10 x 10 (nominal) foot area. Vendors who exceed their purchased space will be asked to remove their displays or charged for their additional space.

6. Termination of this agreement by the undersigned exhibitor results in the sponsor retaining one-half of the vendor’s payment. There will be NO refunds the week of which the event takes place. No refunds will be given due to weather related issues. No refunds other than described herein.

7. All tax liabilities, including state sales tax, and permits are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor. This includes permitting and registration with any municipal, state and federal agencies.

8. The Wealth at Garden Oaks reserves the right to change exhibitors spot assignment. Spot assignments will be provided by email with a corresponding venue map, the week of the event.


A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.



* Please print and submit a signed copy to before proceeding.

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